Monday, October 20, 2014

You win some, you loose some.

For the this lesson, I had this wonderful idea about crayon resist mixed with etching mixed with repetition and printmaking and......well, it turned out..... "meh."

No art teacher out there will tell you they have great success with every lesson they try. Unless they are lying.

Our inspiration for this project was Andy Warhol's Flower Factory.

Seemed easy enough.....We'll start by folding our paper into QUADRANTS (math word) and by folding it SYMMETRICALLY (math word) twice.
In each QUADRANTS (see... not all is lost, we're learning math) the student will draw one flower and color it in with crayon.... (looking back, I should have used oil pastels even though they end up all over the floor and on those precious clothes mamas send their kids in).
And then, color the background space green (again, use oil pastels, NOT CRAYONS.)
And finally, cover the green areas with black tempera paint.
Now the moment of truth.... scratching off the black paint (which I probably should have used a cheaper, more watered down version) to show the green underneath and creating that wonderful depth that Warhol has in his prints.
and we win some, we lose some. Thanks for the effort little ones!


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