Monday, October 20, 2014

James who?

Okay, I admit it.... I don't know everything about every artist in the entire world... shocking, right? So I was thrilled to find out about a little gem from Brooklyn named James Rizzi.

My son takes an afterschool art class from an awesome teacher who introduced them to this bright, colorful, "Peter Max meets Walt Disney" kinda guy....So being a lifelong learner, I decided to study up and create some fabulous James Rizzi birds with my Kinders and First Graders.
Of course, most of the credit belongs to Deep Space Sparkle-- the (in my opinion) best art teacher's blog out there...For detailed instructions and more wonderful lessons, check it out!
Draw and outline birds with black crayon.
Paint in with liquid watercolors.
Wet background and fill with "dabs" of watercolor.
Fabulous feathered friends.


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