Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Talk to your kids about ART!

So, I'm taking a moment to brag about my sweet four-year-old's artwork... As a teacher, I tend to be a little judgemental about his "skills."
I worry that he can't write his name too well, I worry that he still confuses W and L sounds when speaking, but after talking to him about this doozy of a drawing, I'm NOT worried about his creativity!
Talking about art is one of the four main components of Art Education. Being able to talk about how art makes you feel and what the artist is trying to say through his work, makes appreciating art easy!
Take a look.... and here is my son's explaination.
The two main subjects are Black beard (left) and Jack Sparrow (with the green braids on right) fighting with swords. In the background in black marker, you'll see a large ship, anchored by a shark fin, and cave with large orange rocks....On the right side background, you'll see footprints in the sand and gold that fell out of Jack Sparrow's pocket. Yep. That's right. A four year old came up with this.
So my advice?Throw away your coloring books, give your kid a marker and blank piece of paper and have them TALK about what's there. You'll be amazed.
Enjoy your Summer and Make art.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Finishing Up the Year!

David Hockney, Portrait of the Artist

Well Friends, we're officially finishing our last art lesson of the year. Students are working on Modigliani-inspired portraits, making origami butterflies, drawing sheep and completing any unfinshed projects from the year. I have enjoyed teaching this year and can't wait to use my Summer break to re-fuel and come up with some wonderful lessons for next year! Have a wonderful Summer and we'll see ya back in the Fall.