Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Mrs. Cook..... Why do we never study WOMEN ARTISTS?!"

Good question, Miss Sarah! So here ya go....

Laurel Burch's cats are everywhere, jewelry, tshirts, tote bags, notecards... the works! We began by looking at some of her fantastic felines on her website. Since Laurel Burch was actually alive (unlike many artists we study) not too long ago, we have her official website to refer to....

See Laurel's website HERE

Since this was a multi-layered project, it wasn't easy... or fast, but the results are awesome!

First we drew the cat, and colored in with construction paper crayon.
Then filled the background with "fireworks" and metallic paper mimicking Laurels Burch's jewel tones and metal in her paintings and jewelry.
And then here comes the gold....."purr-fection."


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