Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

no, no, no.... I know what you're thinking... It's NUTCRACKER time! I'm one of those lucky girls that has a December birthday. So that means, Poinsettias on birthday cakes, joint birthday/Christmas gifts, birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper... you get the idea.

BUT my most favorite part of having a December birthday is going to the Nutcracker Ballet each year as a birthday gift.

You can ask my friends, I'm a ballet snob... and I love EVERYTHING about it. If I could fit my size 9 feet in my size 7 old pointe shoes, I'd do it... and dance around. But alas....the closest I'll get to the stage is in seat Q14 this year.
and boy, did we....
big ones, little ones and even tiny, kindergarten toy soldier ones...
Merry, merry Nutcracker to you!

p.s. shameless shout-out to my friend, Lynn, who will run the Nutcracker Gift Shop for the Huntsville Ballet... and have my fabulous Nutcrackers on display. Thanks!