Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hit the ground running....

Every year, it seems I find more and more lessons that I want to try out! With the invention of the most magnificent virtual pin board... (you know who you are) I'm set with boards and boards of lessons for about the next nine years.

This adorable lesson was adapted from a collaborative high school art project. Since we are "Meeting New Friends in Art" this year, we started with the always interesting Vincent Van Gogh.

After viewing artwork by Van Gogh and discussing what "clues" let us know that a masterpiece was painted by him, we started on our lesson inspired by his work.

Each student designed a sunflower experimenting with line, and traced over it with a sharpie (kinda my all-time art medium ever).
We filled in with warm colors using markers.
And finally put them all together as a group project on 18x24 paper.
Pretty fabulous, right? And a nice way to teach warm and cool colors, radial symmetry, history, pattern, line, texture..... and the list goes on and on!
'Till next time!