Friday, August 30, 2013

Stomp Out Bullying!

Welcome back my friends!

I'm so glad to be back in the swing of things... our first art class was a collaboration between the guidance counselor and myself. Our school system has started a new campaign called, "Stomp Out Bullying" and we decided to work together to create fantastic footprints to incorporate this theme into the art class.

Fourth and Fifth Grade used rulers to create parallel and intersecting lines (sound familiar?) and added their name to the footprint.

Second and Third Graders drew an abstract organic design and colored it in using warm or cool colors (lots of vocabulary, right?)
And my brand new kindergarteners and first graders practiced their cutting skills and used tissue paper squares to fill their footprints with color.
All the footprints will be hung around the school as reminders of our zero-tolerance policy for bullying. I love the way every footprint, just like every child, is different and special. and I love the was the lesson teaches children how art can symbolize a big idea or movement... pretty big abstract thinking for such little minds. Amazing what art can teach.

Thanks Zoe's Kitchen!

A big Blossomwood "THANK YOU" to Zoe's Kitchen on Whitesburg drive for our school fundraiser!

Zoe's provided our school with canvases and paint, and in turn, we provided them with beautiful artwork to display during the Summer season.

With the money raised from the sale of our artwork and Zoe's Blossomwood Spirit Night, we are creating a Blossomwood Student Art Gallery!

Be sure to visit our Gallery soon!