Monday, January 12, 2015

Blossomwood Bronze Pour

Okay, so not REALLY a bronze pouring party... but a really easy and inexpensive way to recreate bronze sculpture! We started by looking at Giacometti's sculptures. We discussed how thin and elongated the figures were and how their hands and feet seem to "weigh them down" to the base of each sculpture.
Next, using aluminum wire, we build a figure, and created a pose for our figure. The large hands and feet are important to help secure the wire to the cardboard base and make our sculpture balance. The aluminum wire is so pliable, we really didn't need pliers or wire cutters at all. Simple classroom scissors worked fine.
Using masking tape and staples, we secured the base and made the hands, hips and feet bigger.
Our next step is to cover the figure in aluminum foil and paint using black india ink to give the illusion of a patina bronze.
Stay tuned for more photos of the finished product!