Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Wonderful World of Walter Anderson

Snails and Crabs and Gators, oh my!
Take a peek at these wonderful watercolor paintings in the style of Walter Anderson, from right here in the South. Anderson was born in New Orleans and lived in Coastal Mississippi making beautiful paintings of all sorts of animals and marsh life.
Kindergarteners and 1st graders grade drew snails, used permanent marker to trace over and filled in with fantastic watercolor. 2nd and 3rd graders used the same method to create blue crabs and 4th and 5th grade made some really gory gators!

Snails by Kindergarten and First Graders

We also listened to a wonderful song while on the link to hear it!

Crabs by Second and Third graders


  1. J.W. is my little one! YEAH FOR IT BEING POSTED AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! Brandi

  2. Happy to do it, Brandi! He's quite an artist. -Natalie