Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Henri Matisse

So our first lesson was inspired by Henri Matisse.
 My K-1's did torn paper faces.

aren't they fabulous!? My darling ones learned to use glue and fine motor skills by tearing little pieces and placing them perfectly for "self-portraits" using bright, vibrant colors!

Then, 2-3 graders did a Matisse-inspired goldfish watercolor painting.

and LOOK at what they did! They EXCELLED in taking care of their brushes, and using both watercolor cakes and liquid watercolors.

4-5 grades did a cut paper collage of a self-portrait.

Again, amazing. I love the expressive faces that they made by just using scissors. NO DRAWING ALLOWED!

The two main things I want your child to remember about Matisse is that he loved to "draw with scissors" and he loved to use bright, vibrant colors in his paintings-- twhich was very unpopular at the time.
I'm amazed every day at how smart and creative my little ones are... Thanks for sharing them with me.

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