Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spooky Fun

Hello Friends!
Here's the next fabulous lesson... we took a break from our very serious art history curriculum to do something fun... check it out... you'll love it!

Kindergarten and First grade did FUNNY MUMMIES! We discussed briefly Ancient Egypt and mummification-- isn't that what every 6 year old talks about? The cool part is the art process. We used crayon to draw and color our mummies, and liquid watercolor to paint over then. Learning a science concept... water and oil don't mix... the crayon repelled the watercolor and gave a great antiqued effect to the mummies.

and here's the end result!

So then... Second and third grade did a little research on Owls. We looked at books about different species of owls. Thank you Ms. Fuller for collaborating in our Professional Learning Community--(also known as a school).
Our kids... rocked it.

but my all time favorite....maybe because I'm an architecture nerd... VICTORIAN HOUSES!

My students were given the option to make then spooky, but only after they drew historically correct Victorian Homes. A few of my Blossomwood kids were lucky enough to take a walking tour around our temporary home in East Clinton School to see the real thing.

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