Monday, May 20, 2013


Okay, go ahead and laugh... but I couldn't help including that pun!

With our new building at Blossomwood came the return of clay projects.... which I know are my students' absolute favorites.

Beginning with a pinch pot, the students added paws, head and tail with tiny details. Then came my students second favorite part: PAINTING!
And here is the end result... absolute cuteness.
So when you put this precious little piece in your china cabinet, just remember all of the CHEMISTRY and SCIENCE your child learned in art class while working on these...Trust me, there have been many "kiln explosions" that have taught me how to become a better art teacher.
Ceramics isn't easy. Your kids earned these guys.
**Special thanks to my super art assistant, Danica, who helped me load and unload the kiln without a single broken piece!


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